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        On 12th September, Canada’s Ambassador to Ukraine, Roman Waschuk welcomed a group of CUPP Alumni and Interns selected for the 2017 Canada-Ukraine Parliamentary Program (CUPP) at his residence in Kyiv. The occasion was to celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary and provide an opportunity for Ambassador Waschuk to prepare the Interns for their internship in the Canadian Parliament.

        In addition to celebrating Canada’s 150th Anniversary, the meeting was an opportunity to celebrate the strong ties between Canada and Ukraine, the countries’ common values and shared ambitions. In light of this Ambassador Waschuk spoke about Canada’s proud traditions of multiculturalism and of his belief that ‘Ukrainian DNA’ has been deeply integrated into the Canadian identity, placing particular stress on the important role that Ukrainians have played in contributing to the ethnic diversity and history of the Canada that we know so well today.

        Among the guests were some of the brightest and most prominent CUPP alumni of the program, as well as the newest group of Interns who, were been chosen to do the internship, after a 9 month long competition, and departed for Canada the following day. Each year only the very best applicants are chosen from a countrywide competition, to complete their internship during the Fall Sitting of the House of Commons, in Ottawa.

        Many of the CUPP Alumni who attended the meeting have a become senior government officials in their own right, and among those who attended to offer greetings and show their support for Canada’s 150th Anniversary were the current Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr OMELYAN (CUPP 1999), his deputy Viktor DOVHAN (CUPP 2000); former Minister Andriy PYVOVARSKY (CUPP 1999); deputy Minister of Justice Serhiy PETUKHOV (CUPP 2005); Head of the Department International Cooperation and European Integration of the Department of Education Anna NOVOSAD( CUPP 2013), Counselor of Verkhovna Rada’s Committee on Security and Defense Yuri CHYZHMAR (1995).

        Also present were co-founder of the Ukraine Crisis Centre and coordinator of the Professional Government Association of Ukraine Vasyl MYROSHNYCHENKO (CUPP 1996); Yuriy LUBKOVYCH (CUPP 2009) Chief of Staff of the Cabinet of Ministers; Yuri KUSHNIR (CUPP 1998) President of the CUPP Alumni Association; former Member of Parliament Elena SHYSHKINA (CUPP 2003); Deputy Director of the Investment Promotion Office Ulyana KHROMYAK (CUPP 2001); founder of TEACH FOR UKRAINE Andrew SOROHAN (CUPP2013), as well as a number of CUPP’s past coordinators.

        Unable to attend were Deputy Minister of the Department of Economic Trade and Development Nataliya MYKOLSKA (CUPP 2000); and Director of TEACH FOR UKRAINE Rimma EL JOUEUDI (CUPP 2011).

        Their program coordinator, Iryna Hrechko who served her 2016 internship with Member of Parliament Jamie Schmale, joined the interns of CUPP 2017. The CUPP Interns past and present were appreciative of Ambassador Waschuk’s hospitality and his support for the only international internship program available to Ukraine’s university students on an annual basis. Ambassador Waschuk wished the 2017 Interns success in their upcoming internship and a safe flight on the eve of their departure for Ottawa, the next morning.







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